Newsletter - October2019
Issue Number 54

AGM to be Sunday 23 February 2020 tbc.
Annual weekend outing from Friday 19 to Monday 22 June 2020.
More information in Events.

We all abhor mince pies in October but for various reasons you are getting the Christmas newsletter early. We have some dates for you and also within the next month the Membership Secretary will be looking at Japanese gardens and the Editor will, temporarily, have the use of one hand only.

Since the last newsletter, Guru took a full coach to Wisley which was much enjoyed by our members.

The show took place on the first weekend of September. It was a good show, with excellent exhibits but there were fewer exhibits than in previous years. Prizes were distributed by Steven Young, who proved to be an excellent giver of prizes. We all need to work hard for the 2020 show to reach a high level of entries and an increased footfall. The date of the show is being discussed by the committee and whether or not it should be a week earlier. However, the show in 2020 will be held on Saturday 5th Sept.

During the summer many of us visited Laurence St allotments on their open day and were very impressed. Many of our plot holders look after their plots well but some do not and the comparison between our site and the Laurence St site leaves much to be desired; perhaps we can all make more effort in future.

The lunch organised by Robert in July was much enjoyed and brought many members together which is much appreciated as we do need to work together.

We were delighted to show a group of U3A garden students round our site on a lovely day in September. The students enjoyed their visit and took refreshments on our (still) very colourful terrace.

The MHGAS 2020 weekend outing will take place between Friday 19th June and Monday 22nd June. We will stay at the most recently opened Warner Leisure Hotel - Studley Castle. Gardens to be visited during the weekend will be Waterperry Gardens (a garden much loved by Society members), Leicester University Botanic Gardens, Stonehaven Cottage Gardens, Hill House Gardens and Oxford University Botanic Gardens (visited by us under the leadership of Letta Jones). We will look forward to viewing all these new and much loved gardens. Contact Guru at the Thursday cafe.

On 7th December Pete is hosting one of his popular quizzes. The quiz commences at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. As usual we will enjoy a meal of fish and chips. Get your tickets (£13.00) from Pete as soon as possible and no later than Sunday 1st. (You can pay by cheque or cash to Pete at the Hall on Thursday or Sunday mornings - cheque payable to MHGAS Ltd). Please bring your own drinks and glasses.

And then to round off the year there will be mulled wine and mice pies on December 19th at the Thhursday cafe in Selwyn Hall. Hopefully the editor will have the use of both hands back by then!

We remember members who are not in the best of health - Mark Bonham (still awaiting his operation), Wendy Davis, Joan Blandino, Ann Bennett and Barry, we wish them all the best.

Lastly thanks to all our members who have given their help to the society in the past year. We could not manage without you.

Happy Christmas and a good gardening year for 2020.

The Selwyn Terrace